DS410 and ipkg / optware bootstrapping

Installing ("Bootstrapping") the optware version of ipkg on the Synology DS410 is is extremely easy. ssh / telnet into the NAS and execute the following commands:

Note: if the bootstrapper has been updated, the above link won't work and you'll need to search for it in the parent directory.

Now you can install some basic stuff to make your life easier, by upgrading from the built-in busybox-based commands:

> ipkg install bash less vim man file findutils grep coreutils tar gzip bzip2 xz-utils

If you plan to compile some local packages, installing the "optware-devel" meta-package is a good start, but you'll need to remove wget and install wget-ssl first:

> ipkg remove wget
> ipkg install wget-ssl
> ipkg install optware-devel

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