The Downside to an Office File Server Running Bittorrent

is the constant rattling of the RAID6 array.

Sadly, the WD20EARS and HD154UI drives are not the quietest seekers ever, even if they are huge and power-efficient.  Especially compared to the flash drive in my laptop, on which I previously kept my torrents.

My RAID6 array:
  • 2x Western Digital WD20EARS 2GB
  • 2x Samsung HD154UI 1.5GB
Yes, I am running RAID6 on only four drives, but I very much have in mind the many tales of RAID1 / RAID5 arrays failing during a rebuild.  I don't really care much about speed on this thing, anyway.

Also, I'm wasting 500GB of RAID-space with this configuration, which gives me an upgrade step to take before moving to a 6-bay NAS (though 3GB drives may be cost-efficient by the time I need to upgrade...)